Ronald G. Farrell, the Chairman/CEO and founder of RGF Capital, LLC (RGF) and through RGF Investments and RG Farrell Inc both having been founded in 1985 has over 40 years of experience in financial/business consulting, private placements, public offerings, venture capital, private equity transactions, and roll up transactions. Mr. Farrell has personally directed the acquisition or sale of over 40 companies and five public offerings in his 40 year career.

Companies that Mr. Farrell founded have been recognized over the years in the following manner:

  1. Ranked #1 Largest producer of indoor foliage in the United States.
  2. Ranked #10 Largest retail tire store chain in the United States.
  3. Ranked #2 by USA TODAY, Best performing IOP for 3rd Q of 1988. Up 88%
  4. Ranked #10 Largest Computer Reseller (Revenues $467m) in the United States.
  5. Ranked #2 Largest customer of Hewett Packard (HP) in the United States.
  6. Ranked #10 Largest Security Company (6000 employees) in United States.
  7. Governor William Weld of Mass declared Nov 1, 1995 “CIC Systems Inc. Day", for the company selling over $1 Billion dollars in the State of Mass.
  8. Top 100 Public Companies in both Florida and Georgia.

Mr. Farrell has a history of building and consolidating companies into leaders in their respective industries.

Tech Point Solutions, LLC IT Services Negotiating to acquire companies in the IT Managed Services Industry
Tech Point Solutions, LLC IT Services Founder/Advisor
ISG, Inc. Business Services Advisor/Buy out Preferred Partners
Sayers, Inc. IT Services Advisor/Sponsor
Stratos LLC IT Services Advisor Sale/Purchase
Stratos Management Systems IT Services Co Founder & Vice Chairman
Nexus Information Systems IT Services Acquisition
Computex, Inc IT Services Acquisition
Pacific Wholesale Insurance Brokers Business Services Advisor
Construction Underwriting Group Business Services Advisor
Paragon Systems Government Security Sale
Tri-S Security Security Finance Restructuring
ISG Insurance Group Business Services Restructuring
Elm Insurance Brokers Business Services Advisor
Waste Pac Business Services Advisor
ISG Insurance group Business Services Advisor
Tri-S Security Government/Corporate Security Founder/Chairman/CEO
Tri-S Security Government/Corporate Security Private Placement
Paragon Systems Government Security Acquisition
Tri-S Security Government/Corporate Security IPO
Cornwall Group Corporate Security Acquisition
Tri-S Security Government/Corporate Security Financing
Cornwall Group Corporate Security Sale
CIC Systems Computer Technology Founder/Chairman/CEO
CIC Systems Computer Technology Private Placement
Copley Systems Computer Technology Acquisition
Data Print Computer Technology Acquisition
CIC Systems Computer Technology Financing
Cedar Computer Computer Technology Acquisition
CIC Systems Computer Technology IPO
Automotive Industries Automotive Founder/Chairman/CEO
Automotive Industries Automotive Private Placement
Wall Tire Automotive Acquisition
Jim Martin Tire Automotive Acquisition
Automotive Industries Automotive IPO
Sports Leisure Apparel Founder/Chairman/CEO
Sports Leisure Apparel Private Placement
Soft Touch Apparel Acquisition
Sports Leisure Apparel IPO
Ben Hogan Golf Apparel Acquisition
Builders Design Building Products Founder
Builders Design Building Products Private Placement
Broward Window Building Products Acquisition
Builders Design Building Products IPO
Oakdell International Agriculture Acquisition
Oakdell International Agriculture Private Placement
Nursery of Florida Agriculture Acquisition