Private Equity Transactions

RGF Capital LLC’s model is to acquire a majority interest (51%) or greater in its acquired companies. Specific industries we look at are Technology (IT Managed Service, IT Staffing Services and Software), Health Care Services, Distribution, and Support Services of all types.

RGF will invest in a complete buy out of a company’s owners/investors or take a majority interest and encourage existing management/owners to remain as equity partners. RGF will partner with other PE firms depending on the size of the transaction.

RGF will issue convertible debt in a company in conjunction with acquiring equity.

RGF's goal is to acquire a platform company and build through acquisitions and organic growth a company of $200 to $500 million in revenue and ultimately identify a strategic buyer in the industry or a financial buyer as the final exit strategy.

The general criteria we are looking for is as follows:

Revenue size $25m to $100m
Gross Profit 10% or higher
5% or higher
Shareholder Equity Positive
Trend Upward
Financial Statements 3 years
Management Stay 6 mths to 1 year min

RGF is flexible in its approach to calculating valuation. We use revenue, trailing EBITDA, projected earnings, and incentive earn outs.

RGF realizes each transaction is different and will try to structure a transaction to fit both the sellers and RGF. We therefore ask you to contact us to discuss your ideas.